Make Your Own Ice

Stay Cool Wherever You Go With Handy Ice Trays


Bigger and Long-Lasting Ice Trays Worth Every Penny

Check out Big Ice Trays for water coolers that won’t let your ice melt too fast. They produce the biggest ice trays you’ve ever seen. Their trays make six 4-inch cubes, with each cube weighing around 1.5 lbs. That equates to 10 pounds of ice per tray.

“Big Ice” lasts twice as long, saves you money, and is convenient to use and reuse.

An Ingenious Product To Keep Cool

For more than 10 years, Big Ice Trays has been providing innovative ice coolers to various fishermen and hunters. They created their unique trays and mesh bags to help you beat the heat, especially when you’re out traveling.

The company offers excellent services and products globally and online.


Efficient and Hassle-Free

Big Ice Trays specifically designed their molds, so you can easily make enormous and longer-lasting ice cubes. Just fill them with water and put them in the freezer.

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Immediate Access When You’re Outdoors

Their special mold is a breakthrough item for almost every fisherman and hunter. Whether you’re out on a fishing day trip or driving out of town, you can just make your own ice.

No cooler other than Big Ice Trays can eliminate the need to drive back and forth to nearby stores or gasoline stations for more ice.


Big Ice for Almost Any Situation

In Your Freezer

Don’t get left behind when the fishing forecast is a 10. Be prepared for those days by stocking up on Big Ice. Freezing a tray of ice cubes takes about 18 hours, depending on your freezer. Once frozen, remove the cubes and relocate them to your freezer, so you can make more trays of Big Ice.

On the Weekends

Tired of having to run to the gas station for a bag of ice every time you want cold drinks? Pop out a few Big Ice cubes and set them in the ice chest with your drinks. To make your drinks ice-cold faster, add a little water to the ice chest.

On Your Sore Muscles

Do you have sore muscles from fighting a yellow fin tuna or working out? Add a Big Ice cube into a gallon-sized Ziploc bag. Wrap the bag with a thin cloth and place it on your sore muscle for 5 to 10 minutes.

For Your Drink Dispenser

Every time you use a drink dispenser for a party, the melting ice changes the drink’s taste. However, you can prevent that from happening with Big Ice. Prior to your party, fill the Big Ice trays with juice halfway. Once frozen, you can add the cubes to the juice in the dispenser.

In Your Live Well

During hot days, the bait in your live well can die quickly. Most people use store-bought ice to cool the water, but that is only a temporary fix. It also kills your bait because it changes the water’s composition. Instead, make Big Ice using the water you’re fishing in. Placing a few cubes in the live well makes the perfect ice to keep your bait active.

Shop for Outstanding Ice Coolers

Buy Big Ice Trays’ superb ice trays and mesh bags today, so you can chill and fully enjoy your outdoor activities. Reach out for more information about their products.