In your Freezer

Don’t get left behind when the fishing forecast is a “10”. Be prepared for those days by “stocking up” on Big Ice. It should take about 18 hours to freeze a tray depending on your freezer. Once frozen, remove the cubes and relocate in your freezer, so you can make more full trays of Big Ice.

On the Weekends

Tired of having to run to the gas station for a bag of ice every time you want to ice down some drinks? Pop out a few Big Ice cubes, and set in ice chest with your drinks. To make your drinks ice cold faster, add a little water in the ice chest.

On your Sore Muscles

Do you have sore muscles from fighting a yellow fin tuna or from working out? Add one of the Big Ice cubes into a gallon zip lock bag. Then, wrap the bag with a thin cloth and hold to your sore muscle for 5-10 minutes.

Drink dispenser

Every use a drink dispenser for a party and the melting ice changes the taste of the drink. Using orange juice as an example. Prior to your party, simply pour your orange juice in the big ice trays, only filling up the cavity half way. Then you can place the orange juice cubes in the dispenser and fill with orange juice.

In your Live Well

During hot days, the bait in your live well will die quickly. So, most people add the store bought ice to help cool the water. Well, it is only a temporary fix. The store bought ice kills your bait because it changes the composition of the water. Make Big Ice with the water you fish in. Placing a few of these cubes in the live well makes the PERFECT ice to keep your bait active.


How many trays do most people buy? The most common purchase is two trays.

Are the trays made of? The tray are made of a high density plastic that is PBA free and it’s Food Grade.

Why is the shipping so high? The tray is very large and we constantly look for lower cost shipping methods. Currently, US Postal is the most reasonable while we ship a few through FedEx. If any shipment has a higher than normal cost, we will look for other options and refund that back to the purchaser if found.

Do I have to pay by PayPal? No you don’t. PayPal is the merchant service we use, and they allow you to use a credit card during check out. It’s a small link.